Marme and E and WC

I love you to the moon and back again…

Saying Goodbye

on January 4, 2012

Driving to the airport

Today was the day we’ve all been dreading, saying goodbye. Little E’s daddy got on a plane to begin his journey to Afghanistan for six months. After several delays and one false start the military finally got all their ducks in a row and gave the go ahead for the deployment. Since his daddy is a civilian military contractor, he’ll be going over there to help train the troops on some equipment that will save lives. Yes. We are all very proud of what he is doing.

This is a hard time for Little E, his mommy, the puppies and E’s daddy especially. He’s leaving this little guy who is barely talking and in six months will change dramatically. Six month in the life of a toddler is an eternity. Little E’s mommy is sacrificing too because his daddy truly is her helpmate in raising E. That’s why I’m here; to help fill the gap. While I know my being here is helpful, it’s not the same. But we are all going to make the best of it and count the days until daddy returns home safely.

I started thinking today about how E probably doesn’t understand what’s going on but senses that things aren’t normal. I’ve been here for over a month, people have come and gone to say goodbye, and his normal routine has been disrupted. It’s a good thing that kids, for the most part, are adapters. It’s the adults that struggle so much with change. It’s hard being here, not knowing and waiting to hear day to day that he’s safe and out of harm’s way. Of course, it’s something every military family goes through, on a much larger scale and for longer periods of time. Now we know how hard it is for them.

Daddy, Little E, and Mommy at the airport

Little E’s daddy will be protected by military personnel and on a relatively secure base. But, any location in a forward area is dangerous. So if you’re reading this blog, say a prayer for all of us, especially his daddy–that God will protect him during all the transporting, bring him home to us and that the time will pass quickly. Little E, his daddy, his mommy and me would appreciate it!

And oh, I almost forgot; say a prayer for the puppies. Bentley is missing his daddy too. He watched him pack his duffle bags and leave today. His ears have been pulled back ever since.


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