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Shopping–is it just for girls?

on January 9, 2012

This past weekend little E’s mom and I spent Saturday afternoon shopping, and E came along for the fun. I have to say, he was a trooper in IKEA when we had to go up and down and around looking for one specific thing that we couldn’t find. I heard so many kids (much older than him) having temper tantrums in that store, but E just rode in the cart, talked a blue streak and took in all the excitement. That’s not to say that he wasn’t exhausted at the end of the day, but so were we. We had a brilliant idea to go eat at Cheesecake Factory (thanks to reading a Facebook post by my friends in Boston) on a Saturday night. When E and I were waiting for his mom to check the wait, I snapped this picture. Clearly he was done.

E’s dad thinks his mom and I are going to turn him into a shoe loving, shopaholic in six months. I highly doubt we will have that much influence over him; especially since shoes are NOT his favorite items of clothing. We could, however, influence him to enjoy shopping; or at least be able to accompany us without complaining. This is something very few males are able to do and even fewer actually enjoy it. I have a feeling E might be one of the few.

E loves being around people and activity; and of course, he loves being with his mommy. My son, a macho ex-Marine, actually loves shopping too (or he used to). After working in retail for several years, he tries to stay away from any mall or shopping area during his off hours. But before that, he always enjoyed accompanying his sister and me on our outings. He never complained and actually enjoyed himself. He even went with me several years on Black Friday just for the fun of going.

Is shopping just for girls? Not in this family and not for little E. Who knows; in a few years he may be accompanying his mom and me on our usual Black Friday adventures. Until then, we’ll be working on training him to locate the sale items and NOT steer toward the designer labels like his mother (except for PUMA!).


One response to “Shopping–is it just for girls?

  1. Shopping without complaining and carrying bags is good quality to teach him and will make him a great boyfriend and husband someday. If he really likes it you could bring him on black fridays and have him be your place holder in line……when he is older of course.

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