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Teaching a child to pray

on January 13, 2012

We forget about how important prayer is in our lives until we find ourselves helpless. When that happens, I don’t care who you are, you turn to God because He put that desire in us to look to Him for help.

E’s mom and I are making it a point to pray for E’s daddy with little E at meals and at bedtime. Does he understand what we are doing? Probably not. But last night during the mealtime prayer he sat there quietly, holding our hands and when we finished he had a huge smile on his face. You can interpret that reaction in several ways but I choose to believe he understands on some level. After all, Jesus told us to have the faith of a child because it’s simple, and pure, and not corrupted by the plethora of rules and regulations that “religion” likes to add on.

Teaching a child to pray is the beginning of teaching him about God and the simple need to talk to his Creator. We (E’s mommy, daddy and his grandparents) believe that E’s spiritual growth is just as important as his physical and mental growth. Reading him books about Jesus, God and faith; teaching him simple songs about God; and exposing him to videos like Veggie Tales are ways to feed his spirit and help him grow spiritually.

There’s a beautiful sidenote to this: teaching E to pray reinforces our prayer lives as well and draws us closer to God. Children and grandchildren tend to do that. I guess because the miracle of life makes us remember that “all good and perfect gifts come from the Father.”


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