Marme and E and WC

I love you to the moon and back again…

Being in the workshop and E’s namesake

on February 7, 2012

I’m home for a few days and one of the things on my to-do list was to make a Lego table for E. After a visit to the Lego store a few weekends ago and noticing how much he enjoyed fiddling with theirs, we (or I) decided he needed one of his own. Legos are his new and only obsession these days and his collection keeps growing (yes, I can’t help myself!).

They sell tables designed for Legos, but since I had the lumber and my dad’s workshop with tools, why not attempt to build one just for E? I admit I’m not as meticulous as my son-in-law with measuring and making everything square, but I do enjoy the process and things comes out relatively functional. And with this item, functional is key.

Working in my dad’s workshop always brings back memories; and this time I recalled the time he and I built a rocking bassett hound for my son when he was a baby. Of course, my dad always used the finest of woods (oak) and sanded it to perfection. My goal was to use the materials I had on hand and tailor it to E’s Lego pallets, with a basket to hold the lose Legos.

My dad spent hours tinkering around in his workshop, making small projects, working with wood, and designed all kinds of organization compartments for his apartment. I miss seeing him out there and I know he was smiling as he looked down from heaven and watched me make something for my grandson named after him with his tools. It may not be perfect, square, or polished, but it was put together with just as much love as my dad had years ago when he built that rocking bassett hound.


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