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Potty training isn’t for cowards

on August 13, 2013

potty trainingThe games have begun. E is almost three and the time has come to get him potty trained before school starts. E has other ideas, however.

If you get online, there are thousands of sites, books, forums and parenting groups who discuss the subject extensively. There are songs you can sing to motivate them. There are pottys that sing when they are successful. There are those who advocate rewards as an incentive: stickers, m&m’s, small toys and the like. Some say you shouldn’t rush them until they let you know they are ready. Others say that’s an excuse for bad parenting. Honestly you could drive yourself nuts listening to all these opinions and tips.

When my kids were little, we didn’t have all these resources. I do remember, however, telling a friend of mine at the time that of all the obstacles I had faced with my children thus far, potty training was the worst. She said, “Suzanne, potty training ain’t nothing compared to raising teenagers.” I cringed. At the time I was struggling with training my daughter who was unusually obstinate about the entire process.

E is following in her footsteps. He knows what to do. He just prefers not to do it. After explaining to him that if he at least tries, he will get an M&M, he concocted a plan. (Of course he didn’t really, but he figured it out for himself). If he simply tried to go, he would get some candy. So…..he wanted to go to the bathroom often. He would sit there for a bit and announce, “I think I’ll try again later.” Then he asked for his M&M.

Someday this will all be behind them, but for now, it seems like they will never reach the summit. One good thing: I don’t have to do it. And another good thing: I don’t have to do it!



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