Marme and E and WC

I love you to the moon and back again…

The Negotiator

on June 18, 2014

The NegotiatorThe Priceline Negotiator has nothing on E. I often marvel at the maneuvering skills he has when it comes to just about anything he wants. Case in point: he loves sweets. His life revolves around when can he get sweets, how can he get sweets, and just how many sweets he can have in one day. Meals, not so much.

Recently, I was on the phone with his mother and he says, “I need energy”, which translated means he wants a snack. But below the surface in his acute negotiating mind he is thinking, “If I eat a healthy snack, then I will get some Easter candy.” The snack is merely a means to an end to get what he really wants–candy.

It didn’t take long before he figured this technique out. He is so good at it that you often don’t even realize when he is negotiating until he walks away with exactly what you knew he wanted. It’s almost comical at times.

The last time I was in Dallas I took him to the mall for a day of fun–translated riding the train, getting a cookie, and a visit to the Disney store. On the way in the car, he says, “Maybe we can find some super hero shoes.” I said sure, but we’re just going to look because I knew his Mommy wasn’t exactly gung ho on the idea. When we found some at the store, he tells me, “I promise I will only wear these when Mommy says I can. I will still wear my Pumas.” He knew that the only way he was getting those shoes was to negotiate a compromise. Smart little kid. He got the shoes.

And on the heels of E comes WC. I wonder what his tactic will be? I’m sure E will teach him well.




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